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Phone – What you can expect

Psychologist Phone Consultations & Therapy phone sessions

What is a psychology phone consultation/appointment?
Affordable Psychology Services offers all potential clients a FREE no obligation telephone consultation with a Chartered Clinical Psychologist  in which they can discuss the problem(s) with which they are seeking psychological counselling or therapy.  Telephone psychology consultations are for 15 minutes and are sometimes available without an appointment or can be booked on the APS consultation page.

What will the psychologist talk about or do?
We understand that clients can be very anxious when first making contact with us to discuss their problem(s), which they may not have shared with anyone before.  Our Chartered Clinical Psychologist will use her professional skills to help clients relax and open up about their emotional difficulties during the telephone consultation.  She will use her interviewing and listening skills to hear from you about your concerns and provide initial advice about the most appropriate psychological help for your individual needs.

What use is a phone session?
A psychological phone consultation is a really valuable way for our Chartered Clinical Psychologist to gather information about your difficulties.  Our Clinical Psychologist will develop some initial ideas about your problems from the information shared within the phone consultation.   Of course  psychological telephone consultations also provide potential clients with the opportunity to learn more about the face to face psychological counselling, therapy, and  consultation services Affordable Psychology  Services provide and to answer any questions you may have about  these or your  own individual needs.   We really try reach out to people of all ages in distress during these psychological phone consultations and provide whatever relevant psychological advice we can that we believe will help you.

Will the phone consultation be with a trained psychologist?
Yes, unlike some companies or individuals providing counselling/psychological services all of our psychological services including phone consultations are provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with highly specialized psychological skills in working with people of all ages experiencing emotional difficulties.  Our Director is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and a full member of both the British Psychological Society (BPS) and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  The HCPC was set up by government to protect the public and does this by setting stringent national standards for the health and care professionals it regulates.  The HCPC does not regulate counsellors and some psychotherapists who do not fulfil HCPC standards.  Our Director Dr Ojarikri is regulated by the HCPC as a practitioner clinical psychologist in order to reassure our clients about the quality of services provided by Affordable Psychology Services.