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Testimonials from our Clients and their Families

“That was a cracking report you wrote about my wife”
— Husband whose wife has severe depression after a miscarriage, Wirral.


“Thanks for helping us through a very stressful time”
— Mother and son (14 years), both experiencing stress and anxiety caused by unemployment, marital breakdown, and religious tensions, Merseyside.


“The service has helped me understand my 13 year old foster daughter’s problems better and how I can help her.”
— Foster carer, Merseyside.


“Thanks for showing me how to tackle my emotional and relationship problems and sticking up for me at college when my family couldn’t!”
— Female client (18 Years), who self-referred, experiencing anxiety, depression, eating, and educational difficulties stemming from parental emotional neglect and abuse, Merseyside.


“Therapy helped me to begin to learn to talk about my feelings.”
— Looked after young man (14 years) experiencing conduct, substance abuse and language difficulties, North Wales.