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Family Counselling

Family counselling to support families regarding child issues

We provide family counselling in order to support families in which parents have separated or a parent has separated from a step-parent figure. An important focus is on the emotional wellbeing of young people within these families. Sometimes a combination of family counselling and individual counselling sessions to meet the needs of family members experiencing most emotional difficulties is needed to most effectively address family relationship difficulties. More detailed information about the family counselling support we offer to children of separated parents and the support services we offer to separated parents can be found on our divorce and separation service page within the services section of the Affordable Psychology Services website.

Child and adolescent psychological difficulties
Here at Affordable Psychology Services we are acutely aware that the difficulties of a young person who experiences psychological problems can have a profound affect upon other family members. This is particularly the case when such emotional problems are severe and/or are of a long term nature. Such difficulties include deliberate self-harm, childhood depression, substance abuse and conduct disorder. We provide family counselling support which focuses both on the emotional support needs of siblings of a young person with a psychological health problem and how relatives can support the young person with emotional or other difficulties.

Parental mental health problems
Our family counselling sessions are also able to provide psychological support to children of a parent with psychological difficulties regarding the emotional stress that they may sometimes experience as a consequence of a parent or other relative’s psychological difficulties. We can provide emotional support and psychological advice to young people whose lives are affected by the mental health, personality or substance dependence problems of a parent. We are also able to provide practical parenting advice to parents with long term emotional difficulties as to how best they can protect their children from suffering emotional harm as a consequence of parental psychological health problems.

Family counselling to support families of adults with psychological problems
A parent’s or other adult relative’s psychological , personality or addiction problems often have a major impact upon all aspect s of their lives including the quality of the relationships that they enjoy with family members. It can often be very difficult for adult relatives of a family member experiencing long term psychological or personality difficulties to understand how best to support their relative experiencing chronic psychological, personality or substance abuse problems. The relationship between the individual with a long term emotional, personality or addiction problem and other family members can be very strained or family relationships may possibly have sadly broken down altogether.

Here at Affordable Psychology Services we are accustomed to working with people of all ages experiencing a wide range of chronic personality, psychological or addiction problems. Our experience includes working with people with borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, severe depression and alcohol abuse. We are able to provide psychological support to relatives of an adult with long term emotional, personality or addiction problems either separately or together depending upon family circumstances. We are also able to offer family reunification counselling work to families of an adult with a long term psychological, personality or addiction problems provided that informed consent is received from all family members.

Affordable Psychology Services provide psychological services on behalf of UK Private Psychology Limited a company professionally based at 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool. We work with families experiencing a range of psychological problems throughout Liverpool, Wirral, North Sefton, South Sefton, St. Helens, Crosby and other areas of Merseyside. All of our services are provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who is registered with the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council. We also work with families residing in Blackpool, Warrington and Preston at a professional venue in their locality or provide psychology sessions at their home address where appropriate.