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Divorce and Separation Service

divorce-separation-image-smWe understand the difficulties which individuals and families can experience both during and after a marital or personal relationship breakdown.  We are able to offer a range of counselling, therapeutic and consultation services to meet the psychological needs of adults, separating parents and children.
Psychological therapy and counselling for adult clients
We are able to provide individual psychological counselling and therapy to adults of all ages who are struggling to come to terms with a personal relationship breakdown.   We recognise that the breakdown of a personal relationship or marriage can be particularly traumatic for clients who experience psychological health problems or have experienced maltreatment previously within their lives and are able to provide targeted psychological consultation and support to meet your needs including support for people who experience attachment issues.

Parent/foster parent consultation services
We recognise how difficult it can sometimes be for separated or divorced parents to maintain a parental relationship in which they can work together to promote the emotional wellbeing of their children.  We provide mediation counselling to separated parents in the months after relationship breakdown to help resolve difficult issues, particularly those which relate to the welfare of their children.  Our parent/foster parent consultation service advises one or both parents concerned about the development or escalation of child psychological difficulties after parental separation or divorce.

Psychological counselling and therapy for young people
We provide individual and family psychological counselling and therapy to young people of all ages struggling to cope with the breakdown of their parents’ personal relationship.  We recognise that sometimes the parental relationship or a personal relationship in which a parent has been involved may sometimes have involved substance abuse, domestic violence, child maltreatment or parental mental health difficulties and provide psychological support which helps young people to recover from the trauma of these issues.

Child contact support services
We support young people in re-establishing and maintaining contact with the non-custodial parent after parental separation or divorce when this is in the child or adolescent’s best interests.  Sadly sometimes young people may have been drawn into the conflict between their parents and need psychological support and counselling to work through their feelings prior to contact which we are able to provide.

Contact consultation services to children, parents and relatives
We provide specialist psychological support in respect of contact between children and a non-custodial parent or other relative provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who is regularly instructed in family law proceedings to observe parent-child and inter-sibling contact and to provide a specialist opinion on the quality of child-parent/relative and inter-sibling contact.  She is able to provide practical advice to clients as to how the quality of adult relative-child contact and inter-sibling contact can be enhanced in the child’s best interests.