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Psychological Services

Psychological services offered face to face or on the phoneMom Shaking Hands with Psychologist

Affordable Psychology Services provides a range of psychological counselling, therapy and consultation services to support adults, couples and families of all ages experiencing a range of psychological difficulties which affect their enjoyment of their lives and can result in the development of long term psychological problems.  The psychological services we offer our clients of all ages include a divorce and separation service, family counselling and parent/foster parent consultation services. We provide telephone psychological consultation about all of these issues and also provide face to face consultation and psychological counselling to our clients where required.

Divorce and Separation Service
Affordable Psychology Services understands just how traumatic the breakup of a personal relationship or marriage can be both for the adults and children concerned.  We offer clients of all ages a range of support in coping with family or personal relationship breakdown including individual or parenting couple psychological sessions or counselling and individual counselling for young people coping with the breakdown of their parents’ relationship.  We can also provide psychological support in enabling both parents and children to maintain contact with their child after the breakdown of a personal relationship.

Parent/Foster Parent Consultation Service
Our parent/foster parent consultation service provides face to face and telephone psychological consultation to parents, foster carers and other significant adults in children’s lives to support them with many of the common psychological difficulties which can impact negatively upon young people’s lives.  We are able to provide psychological strategies to help parents and carers support young people in their care.  Our parent/foster parent consultation service also advises parents and foster carers as to how best to safeguard young people coping with separation from a parent(s) or other loss issues.