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Professional Consultation Service
Affordable Psychology Services offers a consultation service to social workers, CAFCASS guardians, teachers and other professionals to help them think about the often complex psychological issues impacting on the children and families with which they work. We are able to draw on a range of psychological perspectives to consider how a young person or adult may be functioning at very different levels intellectually, socially and emotionally as a consequence of their past or present experiences. Professionals will leave the consultation with a clear psychological formulation of how the psychological difficulties impacting on a child or family developed and are currently being maintained and a recommendation as to how they can work with the child or family to promote their emotional well being. The professional consultation service will also identify those children or individuals in need of specialised psychological therapy and the length and type of therapy most appropriate to their needs.

Clinical Supervision
Affordable Psychology Services provides clinical supervision to counsellors, social workers, therapists and other professionals working with young people and adults experiencing often complex psychological difficulties.  Dr. Ojarikri is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over fifteen years post-qualification experience working with both young people and adults experiencing psychological difficulties.  Her experience includes working with looked after children, offenders, people with personality disorders and acting as an expert Clinical Psychologist in family proceedings. She is able to provide single session and ongoing supervision and consultation services to professionals to improve the quality of services offered to clients.