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About Us

Affordable Psychology Services was formed in order to provide clients of all ages with a private psychological counselling, consultation and therapies service which is both affordable and accessible. We invite you to contact us to have a free no obligation telephone consultation with our Chartered Clinical Psychologist in order to discuss how we can help. We offer face to face psychology sessions, consultation and other services to meet the needs of our clients.

We aim to empower our clients to choose the psychology service you want. For example, by providing clients with the option to access an in-depth psychological assessment and psychological report if they wish, alternatively clients may wish to focus upon receiving a course of face to face psychological counselling or therapy sessions, or use one of our specialist consultation/therapy services for example our parent/foster parent consultation service or perhaps combine psychology sessions with prompt psychological support received between face to face sessions.  We hope that you enjoy learning more about our services and that you will wish to contact us directly so that we can help you with the challenges that you are experiencing in your life.

Affordable Psychology Services (APS) is a division of UK Private Psychology Limited a company based in Liverpool. APS is a private clinical psychology services which works with people of all ages providing our clients with a broad range of psychological services to meet the psychological needs of our clients. While professionally based in Liverpool we work with clients throughout the Merseyside area including Wirral and throughout North West England including Blackpool, Warrington and Preston and throughout the UK when required.

We provide highly specialized psychological counselling suitable for children, families, adults and couples and a diverse psychological therapies service which includes the provision of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Schema Focused Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Attachment Based Therapies to our clients. We also specialize in providing psychological consultation services which meet the emotional needs of our clients including a divorce and separation service which is able to provide specialist consultation and psychological therapy to children and separating adults and post-abortion counselling. We are an inclusive service which values our clients and invite you to book a free no obligation psychological consultation to discuss how APS can help you with your emotional issues.