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Schema Focused Cognitive Therapy

Schema Focused Therapies Face to FaceSchema Focused Cognitive Therapies offered Face to Face and on the Phone.
Schema Focused Cognitive Therapy integrates cognitive, behaviour, object relations and gestalt therapy into one therapeutic model for people with psychological problems. Schema therapy is helpful for people with long term psychological problems to defeat the “life traps” they unwittingly fall into as consequence of negative past experiences.  We are able to offer schema therapy approaches in face to face psychological therapy sessions which have the advantage of allowing our Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has completed accredited schema therapy training to use the full range of therapeutic techniques.  We are also able to offer schema focused telephone therapy and consultation to support clients.

What is schema focused cognitive therapy?
Schema focused cognitive therapy is an integrative talking psychological therapy which involves elements of gestalt, cognitive, behaviour and object relations therapy.  Schema focused cognitive therapy Is a powerful psychological therapy which focuses on how people’s psychological difficulties have developed as a consequence of their early relationships with family members and other significant people in their lives

What does schema focused cognitive therapy do?
Schema focused cognitive therapy focuses on negative thought patterns, feelings and beliefs which develop as a consequence of past adverse life experiences in childhood or adolescence.  Schema therapy refers to these patterns as “life traps”.  Schema therapy works with clients to change their negative over-arching belief systems and the wider general beliefs which surround them.  .  Schema therapy does this by using innovative therapeutic techniques to allow clients to gradually and safely re-live and re-frame past negative experiences within psychotherapy sessions and slowly journey towards emotional wellbeing.  The emphasis in schema therapy is upon people achieving their psychological potential.

What sort of conditions can it be used on?
Schema focused cognitive therapy is a medium to long term therapy for longer term psychological problems.  It is a particularly valuable therapy for people who suffer emotional difficulties as a consequence of psychological trauma that they experienced during childhood and adolescence.  It can be used to support people who experience chronic depression, anxiety, personality disorders and other psychological difficulties.

Affordable Psychology Services is a clinical division of UK Private Psychology Limited a company based In Liverpool, North West England.  We offer face to face psychological assessment, counselling, consultation and therapy including schema focused cognitive therapy to children, adults, couples and families.  We also provide telephone psychological consultation and therapy to clients and professionals.  All of our psychological services are provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years experience of working in National Health Service mental health services with children, families and adults and private practice.  Dr Ojarikri is a full member of the British Psychological Society (BPS), Division of Clinical Psychology, networking community of psychologists in independent practice and is regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.

Affordable Psychology Services is professionally based at private consulting rooms at 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool and works with clients residing throughout Liverpool, North and South Sefton, Wirral, St. Helens and other areas of Merseyside.  We provide specialist psychological services such as schema focused cognitive therapy to clients residing throughout North West England including Warrington, Blackpool and Preston either at a professional address within the client’s locality.  We can alternatively provide home based appointments by prior arrangement.  We also regularly provide specialist psychological services throughout the UK as required.