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Psychological Counselling

counselling-therapies-image-smPsychological Counselling offered Face to Face or on the phone
Counselling psychology is a relatively new field of applied psychology. Psychological counselling is used to support individuals, couples and families of all ages across the life span experiencing a broad range of personal and interpersonal difficulties which affect their emotional wellbeing and cause psychological health problems.  Psychological counselling is used to support clients with a broad range of psychological difficulties which result in clients becoming concerned about their mental health and seeking support from a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.  Here at Affordable Psychology Services we offer a professional and flexible service providing both face to face and telephone psychological service to suit client’s needs.

What is psychological counselling?
Psychological counselling as applied to emotional health problems focuses upon providing evidence based psychological support to people experiencing emotional health problems and improving client’s psychological wellbeing.  Psychological counselling can also be applied to support people experiencing a broad range of developmental, social, educational, organizational and vocational difficulties which affect their lives.

What does psychological counselling do?
Psychological counselling places a strong emphasis upon the therapeutic relationship between the psychologist practitioner and the client(s).  There is a strong focus within psychological counselling upon client’s personal and interpersonal issues and empowering clients to overcome their psychological difficulties.  It is precisely this focus upon client empowerment which particularly fits with our ethos here at Affordable Psychology Services.  We view all of our clients as possessing personal strengths and resilience and being able potentially to benefit from evidence based psychological counselling sessions with a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.  Here at APS we provide psychological counseling appropriate to clients of all religious, cultural and social backgrounds.

 What sort of problems can it be used on?
Psychological counselling can be used to support people experiencing a wide range of emotional difficulties.   Emotional issues helped by psychological counselling include bereavement, abortion, sexual abuse, personal relationship issues including domestic violence and a range of other emotional issues.  Here at Affordable Psychology Services we provide psychological counselling to support individuals, couples and families with emotional problems.

Affordable Psychology Services are based at professional consulting rooms at 88 Rodney Street Liverpool.  Our psychological counselling service and other psychology sessions are provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years post-qualification experience.  Dr Ojarikri is registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  We provide psychological counselling, therapy and psychology consultations to clients residing throughout Liverpool, Wirral other areas of Merseyside and the wider North West region.  Some of the areas in which we provide psychology sessions include North Sefton and South Sefton, Warrington, Blackpool and Preston.

Affordable Psychology Services is a clinical division of UK Private Psychology Limited which is professionally located in Liverpool, within the North West region.  We provide specialist clinical psychology services throughout Northern England and the United Kingdom.  All of our psychological services are provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with specialist professional experience in providing psychological counselling, psychotherapy services and psychological consultation to clients of all ages.   We provide psychology sessions at a professional venue within the client’s locality or provide psychological sessions within client’s own homes where appropriate by prior arrangement.