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Attachment Therapy

Attachment Based Therapies Face to FaceAttachment Therapies offered Face to Face or on the Phone.
We are able to provide a range of psychological support to parents and primary caregivers of children and adolescents who have experienced maltreatment or trauma.  We can advise on a  range of activities which are interactive, fun and will reinforce children’s bond with carers.  We are also able to offer face to face attachment talking therapies to adolescents and adults with attachment problems.  We are also willing to accept enquiries from foster carers, adoptive parents and parents who wish to receive highly specialized psychological parenting consultation services from us which may include phone based psychological consultation about specific attachment therapies if they are unable to attend face to face sessions with APS.

What are attachment therapies?
Attachment therapies are based upon psychological knowledge about the essential role played in our lives by relationships, particularly those with relatives and partners.  Attachment therapies is a general term used for several different types of attachment based therapy which support children, families and adults who experience attachment difficulties.

What do attachment therapies do?
Attachment therapies are supportive to children and adults who experience difficulties in forming trusting, emotionally healthy relationships with others as a consequence of maltreatment or other adverse psychological circumstances .  For example, long periods of hospitalization during early childhood.   We are able to provide face to face psychological therapy sessions and professional consultation regarding attachment based strategies which are fun and interactive that parents or primary caregivers can use to strengthen the parent-child bond.  We also provide attachment based face to face psychotherapy sessions to adolescents and adults with attachment problems.

What sort of problems can it be used on?
Attachment therapies can be used to help both children and adults who have suffered abuse, neglect or serious psychological trauma.  Attachment based therapeutic techniques can also be beneficial for young people with behaviour problems and for people with developmental difficulties including those on the autistic spectrum.   Attachment therapies have also been found to improve people’s self-esteem and promote emotional wellbeing.

Affordable Psychology Services are professionally located at private consulting rooms at 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool.   We are able to provide face to face attachment based therapy facilitated by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council with over 15 years post-qualification experience of working with children, families and adults.  Dr Ojarikri worked for many years in a senior role in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for  looked after children.  All psychology sessions including face to face therapy  and telephone psychological consultations are provided by a Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

We work with both children and adults experiencing emotional distress and while professionally located in Liverpool provide a service to clients residing throughout the Merseyside area including Wirral, Liverpool and area.  In the case of our specialist psychotherapy services such as the attachment therapies we offer we provide services more broadly throughout the North West Region including Warrington, Blackpool and Preston and in other areas of the United Kingdom  where required.  We provide services within a professional location within the client’s locality or provide home based psychological sessions by prior agreement.